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If you’re interested in dramatically changing your smile, you might consider getting dental veneers or porcelain veneers. This top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry procedure can give you a complete smile makeover. In general, your veneers will involve 6-8 teeth, but it can be up to 12.

Veneers are a great choice for teeth that are worn down, irregularly shaped, discolored or spaced. Like crowns, they are a shell that covers your existing teeth, but veneers just cover the front of your teeth. They are thin, durable, and made of dental porcelain that will blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

The Process For Getting Veneers

Getting your veneers will take a few visits to the dentist. We’ll start with a consultation, where you’ll be able to talk to Dr. Robertson about your goals and learn more about veneers before making a final decision. We’ll then prepare your teeth for the veneer. This procedure, which will be done under local anesthesia, involves reshaping the surface of the tooth and removing some of the enamel. You will be fitted with temporary veneers at the end of this visit.

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Once we’ve taken impressions of your teeth, the impressions  will be sent to a dental lab. The lab will use them to create veneers that fit you perfectly. After we receive the permanent veneers, you will come in for a follow up visit where we’ll remove the temporary veneers and bond the permanent veneers to your teeth. Although they don’t last forever, veneers will last for  10 or more years with a good dental hygiene routine and regular check ups.

Veneers don’t require much in the way of special care, but it’s important that you care for them as you would your natural teeth. Twice daily brushing and flossing is essential. Whether or not you clench or grind your teeth, we recommend sleeping with a bite guard for extra protection. No food is off limits with veneers, but avoiding hard foods will help them last longer.

There are some cases where veneers are not the right choice for you. Veneers can be costly, so if the changes you need are smaller, bonding may be the better option. We recommend avoiding veneers if you have significant tooth decay or poor gum health. Those who clench or grind their teeth run the risk of chipping their veneers. If any of these apply to you and you’re interested in improving your smile, Dr. Robertson will be happy to talk with you about alternative treatments.

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