Having a missing tooth does more than diminish your smile. It may make eating difficult or alter the way you speak. Over time it may cause structural changes to your mouth and jaw. If you’re looking for a permanent tooth replacement, dental bridges may be the right choice for you. We use your existing teeth to create a bridge that spans the area where your tooth is missing. To make sure that they’re strong and durable, bridges are made from gold, metal alloys, or porcelain.

In order to create your bridge, we’ll start by recontouring your existing teeth to create abutments. These teeth will be the anchors for the bridge. Once we’ve created the abutments, we take a mold of the area and send it to a dental lab. The lab will use this mold to create a bridge that not only fits you perfectly but feels as close to your natural teeth as possible. We’ll fit you with a temporary bridge while we wait for the permanent bridge to be created. The temporary bridge will protect the abutments and any exposed gums. It will also look a lot more appealing than having a missing tooth.

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When the permanent bridge has been created, we’ll have you come in for a follow-up visit to fit the bridge. It will consist of a crown on each anchor tooth, or abutment, as well as one or more pontics that will replace your missing teeth. Once the fit and bite are evaluated, the bridge will be permanently cemented to the abutments. You might find that the bridge feels a little different in your mouth, but within a few days, your new teeth will feel like they’ve always been there. We recommend eating a soft food diet for the first few days after your bridge placement. After that initial phase, you’ll be able to eat whatever you like.

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Although bridges are a good choice for many people, you may also wish to consider dental implants. To learn more, visit our dental implant restoration page. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, Dr. Robertson will be happy to help you with that decision. Give us a call at 252-726-1461 or fill out the form here to schedule an appointment.

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