Dental Implant Restoration

Missing teeth can impact almost every area of your life, from making eating more difficult to changing the way you speak. The embarrassment that often comes with having missing teeth makes many people feel self-conscious. Needless to say, restoring your missing tooth or teeth can change your life! Although there are a number of solutions to restore your smile, dental implants might be the best choice for you.

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Unlike dentures, which can be removed, dental implants are permanent. And, unlike bridges, implants don’t require any work on the adjacent teeth. In most cases, the implant process takes place over several months. The first step involves oral surgery. During this procedure, the oral surgeon places the implant – which looks like a small cylinder and is made of titanium – directly into your jaw where the tooth was removed. It usually takes about three months for your implant to integrate with the surrounding bone.

Once the implant has healed and the abutment is placed, it’s time for your new tooth!  Crowns or bridges can be cemented to the abutment or retained by a screw. Dr. Robertson, in consultation with the oral surgeon, will decide which method is most appropriate for your situation. When the dental lab has completed your crown, it will be attached to your implant and you will have a tooth replacement that looks and feels very natural.

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